Statement of Legal Residence University of California, Santa Barbara


NOTICE: Failure to submit your SLR will result in the assessment of out-of-state fees, and may prevent disbursement of financial aid, and course enrollment.

Who needs to complete this online SLR:
  • New undergraduate and graduate students attending UCSB for the first time.

  • Returning undergraduate and graduate students attending UCSB after an absence of 1 quarter or more (excluding Summer Sessions).

  • Continuing undergraduate and graduate students who are currently classified as nonresidents and wish to be considered for a change to California resident for their next term of enrollment. Continuing students seeking reclassification as California residents must complete this form following the fourth week of the quarter immediately prior to the term for which classification as a resident is requested, and no later than the end of the term for which classification as a resident is requested.

  • Summer Session, Limited Enrollment and Special Program students are not required to complete this form. Note: Students who will enroll in the Gervitz Graduate School of Education, whose program begins during the Summer months, are required to complete this form.

  • AB540/AB2000 students will be identified and provided with eligibility information and an exemption application upon submission of this SLR form.

  • When to complete this form:

  • To access the online Statement of Legal Residence (SLR), new students must have first submitted their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), and returning students must have submitted their Application for Readmission/Reinstatement and received notification of its approval.

  • After submitting your SIR, it may take additional time for campus officials to assign and process your PIN. Please allow 5-10 business days after you submit your SIR, or Application for Readmission, before proceeding with this form. If you attempt to log-on to this form, and receive the "NO STUDENT RECORD FOUND" message, your admission/readmission information has not yet been fully processed. Please try to log-on again at a later date.

  • Your PIN number is your secret code for accessing several UCSB student systems, such as GOLD, Financial Aid, and Student Health. When you first log-on to one of these systems, your PIN number will be the last four digits of your social security number (if you don't have a social security number, use 0000 as your PIN). Following your initial log-on to any one of the online student systems, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Thereafter, you will use your 7-digit student Perm number along with your PIN to access all online systems. If you don't remember your PIN, or are having problems, you may call (805) 893-3592 to request that your PIN number be reset.
  • Perm:
    The information provided on this web site is intended solely for the private use of the student whose perm number and PIN have been entered. If you believe that the data displayed is not yours or is inaccurate, please contact the UCSB Office of the Registrar immediately. It is our goal to provide timely and accurate information, thus the data on this web site is updated several times weekly. Unauthorized use of this data is not permitted.

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